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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

I think in the end it's how we decide to conduct ourselves that counts, and also how we look at the great sport of flyfishing. We're probably never going to change the butthead mentality through brute force, but we can by attrition. It's kind of like driving - it only takes one ####### to ruin the whole 4-way intersection. If everyone shows consideration, the concept of four diametrically opposed stop signs works just fine. If we work to create and preserve a great community of sportsmen who respect each other, the environment and the gamefish - it's contagious! I think our conclaves prove that to be true.

Wow, it's been a great season and I really look forward to the part that follows the current August slump! Can you imagine the fishing's going to get much, much BETTER???
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