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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

I am not sure if I understand this message and it appears to be a few issues within one message. But I recognized the fact that I mentioned "spots" at the lighthouse. My sole purpose in doing so was to share it with the people I have met in person thought this board. I met Juro years ago at the Lighthouse in Chatham and did not even know about the board until Keith Lincoln said I counld connect with Juro about the South Monomoy trips. I was never tremendously concerned about the general public reading those messages since you really needed to know where to go at the light house plus the fact that even if you are in the spots you have to know how to fish them anyway and they do change from day to day. It was just that there were a few places ,as there always have been at the lighthouse which seem to produce more fish in a given year. So... one of the crew from this board I knew came down and met me and we were in the "spot" and nothing please me more than seeing him hook and land his first keeper after losing one a few minutes earlier. Incidently ,there was never a hugh group of people who showed up after the posts. My only point is that My purpose is to share information with those I have met personally though the board and could care less if someone else decides to show up at these spots ,which I do agree, usually tend to be overrated and are constantly changing. Just my two cents worth. I think it is a great group of true flyfisherman and if bait fisherman shows up so what. One final thing, Thoughout my fishing life, I have caught and released more and bigger fish on a flyrod than I ever have on any other method. We all know that.
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