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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

That's really too bad about the upper cape... your area is such a unique zone nestled in the warm side of the transition between the north atlantic and the temperate mid-atlantic, buffered by Nantucket Sound and then made into a summer species mixing pot by the Vineyard, Elizabeths and Buzzards Bay. I've even seen puffers at Falmouth, and all kinds of subtropical looking fish and fauna at Woods Hole. Your home waters are clearly the tunoid zone extraordinaire which is probably why the boat operators are so damn ridiculous this time of year.

I've been reading about Terry Nugent's adventures with MikeZ at Lackeys and wondering if the Boneclave should be held elsewhere...

BTW - are you around September 10-12? (The clave would be honored to host a guest appearance by the venerable Josko!)

<font color="0000ff">DOH! I just read the above threads thoroughly!</font><!--color-->

Great to hear you wouldn't mind driving for a day! Much thanks in advance.

As far as your site contributions, I see your point about posting in one place - but I can tell you we all appreciate your input on this board. I hope it's like another fly shop that you visit once in a while besides the mega-tackle shops where you shop. You're always very welcome here and I know you'll like the guys that hang out here.

I think this site is different in that it's really dedicated to flyfishing except where it comes to a shore lunch of fluke and even then we get a lot on flies

Seriously, your adventures in bluewater are thrilling to read, and any insights you post are appreciated here without any chance of generating spite for a skunking in a spot you describe - not from this group.

I am not saying one's better or worse, just that we are more of a sportsman's club (non-exclusive) as opposed to a town meeting. People are expected to be gentlemen (and ladies) here and get involved because they like being able to get together at this level. No where is this more evident than at our conclaves, which usually go beyond our highest expectations for camaraderie and friendship building.

We sure aren't as big as Jeff's or as old as Reel-time but being a member of all three I can say that we really know how to get together and have a great time in the Forum... not to mention score some great fish!

Great to hear from you again, and I really look forward to getting out on the water with you soon.

best regards,

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