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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

I don't mind driving for a day. Still embarrassed about skunking the Estey brothers last year, though. BTW, if you're interested in heading ofshore, drop me or Larry an email. Tomorrow, anyone? Slowly, but surely we're making sense of the bluefin turf. You haven't seen closed-mouthed until you've tried to talk to those guys...

And another thing. Guiding on upper cape has become a down-n-dirty cutthroat business. i\I wouldn't trust most of those 'gennelmen' not to steal my boat blind, much less expect them to post helpful stuff, or anything other than infomercials ... 'C'mon down, I got space for a few more...' Don't know how to get rid of them - probably can't as long as fishing stays as good as it is.
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