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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

I agree with Joskos comments about the various niches the boards have taken to. The one thing that concerns me is that now we have the internet as a tool to zero in on the fish. (not to mention cell phones, gps, IR Images of the gulfstream and more). Without giving specific info, a post can still steer people into the general area. For instance take a guy who is trailoring to the cape each weekend. 3 weeks ago Chatham was hot. Now it's Falmouth. He will go where the postings dictate. There's many boats out there, it must add up at least a little. If only 30 people post and hundreds fish off that info, that seems like a problem. It's nice to have a free flow of info but does it hurt the fishery?
On one of the boards this week I read a post by a guy who who had his first stripers on the fly. He said.." new goal is a keeper on the fly". All in 1 season? He can do it too-do armed with a few posts. Invariably these debates ALWAYS come down on the "Freedom for the internet" side and the info will never be stemmed. I'm ready to get trounced here. Shields up!

Hey Josko: Boneclave? Joskolater to Wasburn for dinner? C'mon by.

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