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RE:4 keeper in 2 hours and no one around

Well, I'm one of the site lurkers who might have relevant occasional info but by and large keep silent on this board. When I do have something to say, I stick it on another board - simply because it makes sense to have all the comments on a single site, and not shotgun them all over. Also, folks I fish with read and contribute there. I've never met the owners, just makes sense to post there. Most of us know the sites, and the posters' flavor should be familiar.

Now to posting. In years past I wrote up detailed site and fishing info, only to find these often backfired. I'd see as many as a dozen new faces at a spot mentioned the night before, some actually upset at 'josko' because they couldn't find fish there the following day. No $#!t, Sherlock. These posts didn't work for me.

So what kind of info. does it make sense to share? I was out last night and noticed that large (3'+) bass are approaching shore, which didn't happen 'till three weeks later last year. If you look at my today's post, it tries to say that without drawing a crowd. If you fish for big fish at night, it has the necessary and sufficient info to influence your strategy. It is not a tutorial on how and where to catch big fish at night. Saying I got 4 fish 38" - 44" on a fly rod at Fay beach contains a lot less information, and is too presumptious for my taste anyway. I know a half doz. people who are serious about fly rod bass in my area. They've read it and know what it means.
I suppose much info of this sort is disseminated by email, and I respect people who do that. I've sent out a few emails on the topic this am, and also get a trickle back. It balances out, IMO. So do the websites.

At the beginning, there was Reel-time, and it was good. For various reasons, it's factioned, and that also seems to work. Not sure we can control this, anyway. So I've got a doz sites bookmarked and check them more or less regularly, and even post on a few when the content matches the board flavor. I'm not really sure what I could add to this site, for instance, except an occasional gear blurb or a freshwater doh-post. Whatm would you like to see me do?
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