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I fished the Rynda last year with Lawrence and I am going again this year, looking forward to going back as I had an excellent time even though the weather was against us. Every pool on the rynda has its own character and no 2 pools are the same and the guides encourage you to approach each pool in a different way. I used a wide range of flies from 3" copper tubes to bombers, willie gunns worked well as did small yellow ally's shrimps (size14). I hitched large singles, small doubles and plastic tubes as well as bombers and muddlers. If you have never fished a "dry" for salmon you are in for a real eye opener as it is a very exciting way to fish and no 2 fish take the same. I missed the first 2 takes as i was convinced they were trout as they were so delicate but as the second turned a saw a flash of silver and knew I had missed a good oppertunity although I never felt the fish. I mannaged 3 on bombers and a total of 9 for the week as well as loosing a few. There are also lots of good trout throughout the river and I will dedicate some time to them this year. In the space of an hour I had approx 30 trout between 1 and 3 lbs on a skated tube (1 every cast) but the powerful salmon rod took the fun out of it. You will have an excellent time and I may see you in the airport at Murmansk on your return trip, just remember to listen to your guide as they know exactly where the fish are and how to tempt them into a take.

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