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Hi Marcus

What dates are you fishing Rynda? I was there last year (Aug 2-9), and somehow managed to convince the lady to let me go again this year (week 34, Aug 20-27)!!

Flies used were anything from 1.5" thinly dressed ali tubes (black & yellow, willie gunn, silver stoat etc etc) - my guide loved them and i couldn't quite believe that fish would take these when the water temp was edging onto 20 degrees celcius (bit of a heatwave last year, in case you didn't know. praying it won't be happening again this year), through to size 12 & 14 wee doubles. People were also having huge success on skated bombers and hitched singles (size 6 or 8 is what I was using there), and of course sunray shadows - generally a few inches long.

One of the Norwegians in the party caught all of his 13 or so fish on tiny francis conehead tube.

To be honest, all the flies seemed to be equally successful, so I don't reckon its too important

At that time of year we were all fishing full floaters. What was amazing though was that we still managed 100 fish for the week between the 12 of us when the conditions were so bad with such warm water. On the days when the sun wasn't blazing we were coming in with about 25 fish, and on the sunny days usually 10 or so. We were all using 15' rods too - its not as small a river as i thought it would be. Maybe a smaller double hander or a 10' #8 could be a useful additon.

I'm sure you've read up all about it on the website, and I can say, even with last years conditions it really is an amazing place to be.



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