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BAJA flies

Have fished that area, though later in the year, and going out from the now defunct Las Arenas resort. Have also fished Feb and March further down at Cabo and the East Cape Area.

Sport fish that you should expect to encounter would include Sierra Mackeral (probably your most common fish) as well as Jacks. Ladyfish might be around in good numbers too. In rocky areas, you may encounter snappers. Likely too cold for Mahis or Tunas, but possible.

For bait / flies, the most prevalent fish in that area is referred to as the Sardina..a deep bodied fish typically in the 3-5 inch range. I have used an adaptation of a Sea Habit with LOTS of flash material, mostly white. On sunny days, had the best success with light tan backs or olive backs.

Cloudy days, we have done best with dark blue or gray backs...same patterns.

For the sierras, selectivity has not seemed an issue.....a simple clouser with plenty of flash worked great....wire bite and lots of flies for these toothy boys.

I'd also suggest a few topwater flies, just cause that's so much fun.

have a great trip.

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