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this is not exactly a case of "tailing loops" or "wind knots"...

I think it is harder to cast well with the wind than against it.
I would guesse that the slight breeze helped to knock down your back cast and the line didn't straighten out and started to fall. When you couldn't feel the weight of the line, you gave it a little extra power to regain contact, but it was too late. The line was already below the height of the rod tip. Then acceleration decreased (or ceased) because you couldn't keep up the acceration and the falling line piled into the (almost vertical) rod tip. That's my guesse of what happened.
You could have maybe saved it by dropping the tip, but that would promote poor form.
My recomendation is to tighten up the loop on your back cast, and make sure not to arealize more than you can fully extend. Turn around and have a look to make sure that you can see it fully straighten out. When I first started casting, I was told never to turn my head back because it would spoil the alignment. Bad advice. If your wondering what's going on back there, take a look. The backcast has to fully extend. If the wind is still an issue, back cast low to the side (to scoot it under the wind). Once the line is straight, the rod can be efficiently loaded, and it won't be hard to accelerate smoothly. At this point, the wind from behind can be helpfull.
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