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I used to go down to the Yucatan a lot to fish for bones/permit/tarpon/snook, and stayed at a number of the lodges south of Cancun (back when I was single and could afford it). Mornings and evenings, I surf fished and usually managed a fish or two, including some nice jacks. Fishing for bones in the surf is more of a crapshoot, but definitely possible, but the most fun is to use a general purpose fly -- e.g., deceiver or something -- and toss it for jacks and the like. As far as a setup, what you have is fine. Wire's only necessary for the barracuda, and a shocker is only necessary for the snook and tarpon, which you may also find roaming the surf. If you want, try a 30-40 lb. shock for the latter, which should be fine for anything other than barracuda or small tarpon. I never bothered, as it was jacks that showed up most often. Have fun -- there's all kinds of stuff out there.
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