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Originally Posted by juro
Geronimo -

Great to hear you are out there in this weather getting a head start on spring.

You mentioned it was windy... from which direction was the wind coming (relative to your casting)?

Would you say that you were holding the rod vertically or out to the side a little, let's say 60 or 45 degrees?

How long was the leader, and did you have a puff of yarn?

Have you stopped in to an area flyshop to get some free advice? We can't see what you're doing so it's hard to determine root cause(s).
Actually, it wasn't windy. Just a slight breeze from behind. I had a small fuzzy bug on with the hook cut off, and I held the rod anywhere from vertical to about 10 degrees right of vertical. The leader is about 5 feet with about 5 feet of tippet.
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