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Exclamation Start slow----Stop fast

Sounds like the more you tried, the worse it got. RIght? And the worse it got, the more P.O.ed you got. The more P.O.ed you got, the more power you put into the cast. Like,,,,,get out there,,,dammit! Tailing loop,,,big time.

The most common mistake beginners to fly casting make is too much power, too soon. That does not work. Period, end of story. This is a whole different ball game than slinging lead. Remember you are casting the line, not the fly. The fly is only along for the ride.

In order to properly load the rod and make it cast a line that has the weight distributed over a (30 foot) length, requires a smoooothe application of power. That means start the stroke slowly, gradually accelerate, and stop abruptly. I can not over emphasize the abrupt stop!

Some instructors have likened this to flipping paint off a paint brush. Others have used the anology of slinging an apple off a sword. Much more difficult to explain in print. However, there are many good video's out there by some of the best fly casting instructors in the world.

If there is no one in your area to show you this stuff, I would highly recommend you get your hands on one or more of these videio's. Mel Kreiger, Lefty Kreh, & Joan Wullf come to mind as three of the best. There are others who may be as good, but of these I am familiar.
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