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I've picked up some very nice fish in the Grand on the fly so you might want to give it a try. Here's two fish taken on the weamer:

This 19" brown was taken out of Cedar Run when I was fishing with a prototype "Trouter 4/5/6" two-hander supplied by custom rod builder, Bob Meiser.

and here's a steelhead from Caledonia taken on the same fly. It's also a great pattern for smallies, though I don't have any pictures of them. Last time on the Maitland at Hwy 21, I was swinging the weamer for steelhead and kept picking up monster smallies in the 3 to 5 lb. range.

The Whirlpool isn't the best place to go in the middle of winter when it comes to ease of access and the climb back up is enough to give anyone a coronary. I don't go there much anymore though I suppose I should.

I'm hoping the relatively warm week we've been promised will clear out the Credit enough for some fishing next Sunday.


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