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I own an Outcast Pac 800 which is at Outcast higher end range. I never thought there was much difference in the boats till I was floating the PM last fall and talked with several other guys with boats. I had wanted to upgrade to a two person boat to take my 10 year old son next year and had been looking hard at the ODC Line. I must say I heard more guys say stay away from that brand than any other brand, Seems to be a fair amount of bladder failure. One guy stated he had to replace his twice within a 3 year period. Also talked with another guy whose frame broke at a weld while on the river? A good friend of mine just bought a lower end $300 water skeeter which seemed to do the job till the oarlock broke off the frame the 1st time out. I also noted they mount the seat about 2" higher than my outcast which doesn’t sound like much till you have the bottom drop out and you try to lift yourself up on the seat. You guys that have them know what I'm talking about. I also noted his seat is not adjustable but fixed in one spot. If you have long or short legs this may be a problem. With that said, it always comes down to one thing! You get what you pay for. Will the less expensive do the job?? Yes!! But at what cost? There's nothing worse than a fishing trip gone south due to equipment failure. If you can try to go to a large shop that may have a few models to try. Sit in them and see how they feel. All in all it's the only way to go!
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