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My kind of fly Peter.! (Nice tutorial)
I don't get out as often as I like and living in Brampton I've been mostly to the Erindale stretch of the Credit a few times but have only caught smolts and suckers. Just when I find time to hit the river it usually starts to get cold enough to freeze up or it rains so much the river is a "washout". I'm staying in Wasaga a bit lately so I hope to check out the Nottawasga pretty thoroughly.
My friend and I fish the Grand a bit in the brown trout sections. He slays the stockers with his glass bead nymphs. I fish the big stuff and have yet to hook up solidly but I have raised some beautiful browns a few times. I also like to fish bass as you can discern from my "handle". I know what you mean about synthetics. I like natural materials as well but have found some interesting things at the craft store to add interest to the business of fly creation.

I was hoping to check out Caledonia before it closed down but it didn't work out. I'm really curious about the Niagara Whirlpool but I deal with a heart condition and I'm a little reluctant to go down on my own. Describing the trip down and back up in the dead of winter usually doesn't get much positive response from my friends. I'm guessing that location is one of the few places you can count on getting a chance to fish as I doubt it ever freezes. May I congratulate you on your dedication to streamer fishing. I always find your postings and your website interesting. Don't think I could afford to "Spey" though.
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