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Various Kits Compared to Production Rods

I've been out shopping for a 7 wt rod to fish the Sacramento, CA area for Steelhead and Shad and have become intrigued with the idea of building a rod. I'm a little nervous about investing the time and money without really understanding what I'm going to end up with, so would like to see if I could get some feedback. The production rods I'm most considering are the Sage FLi or Scott A2, both about $250.

Blanks/kits I'm considering are the Hook and Hackle XT51 or IM6, GLoomis IMX or GL3, and Cabelas SLi all around $125-175. So my question is, will these compete with the production rods I'm considering. What is the closest production rod to each of these kits so I can understand what I'll end up with.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks very much,
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