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What kinds of fish?

Hello, my name is Chad Im 18 and new to these forums and flyfishing. I just inherited a OLD fenglass fs61 from a friend whos grandfather just died, god rest his soul, and have decided to take up the hobby. Id like to do some research on the fish I should be looking for but so far have only come across some tips on the art of flyfishing. I figure I should know where and what to look for before I try so anything on what Im supposed to be catching would be great. Thanks.

Edit: Wow, theres alot more to fly fishing than I thought, If anyone knows of any good books on the subject that would be awsome. And I know the question about the fish seems lame, so ill refine it a bit, do all fish go for flies or are there specific species?

Edit 2: I really wish I had my grandpa or a dad to teach me this stuff but I dont. I dont even know anyone who fly fishes! And until I do find someonw I have to rely on forums stocked with people who know what theyre talking about. Again thanks to anyone who replys.

Thanks to the people who gave it a shot, guess nobody know what kind of fish theyre catching.

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