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Willie Gunn,
Sorry for the delay but thanks for the info on Tulchan, looking forward to it, maybe you and Graham will let a few through but good luck anyway, its good to hear that someone is getting plenty of fishing in!!
Is Alan on Tulchan the same as the John Andrews video many years ago??
The new spey website looks promising especially if more beats join in, the photos of the beats really help to put you there, even in the office!!
I joined the spey anglers association last year, seemed a good cause but only time will tell, its difficult to get all anglers, especially game, together as one.


Tightlines for 2005 also, wherever you cast your line.
If you were at the STA Dinner at the Falcons last November you would have heard the speaker, Paul Knight Director of STA state that a change was definately on the cards.
I would dispute the kelts for springers claim, its just not in anyones interest to make it up now that everything goes back, the anglers risk the riparian owners including kelts to up the rents if that happens.
The spring run on the Tyne from Hexham down is pretty good but with the lack of anglers pre June 16th who knows??
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