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Excellent idea about the prisma color pen- I'm going to try that. I burned through about 30 or so different blanks, and was able to nail things down a little bit with the food color. Finally figured out that the trick is to use a very, very, very small amount. For the amber, I used about a quarter of a drop of orange. Came out very nicely. I used the mixing cups that are used for rod making and only did six flies at a time. By the time you get the five minute epoxy on the eyes and get the fly on the turner, doing more than six or seven is not feasible before the cement hardens up.

If anyone needs "recipes" for the mixtures to achieve the various colors, feel free to email me or post a request and I'll be happy to give you what my experimentation discovered. I probably made blanks in about eight different colors, all of which should be killer

I tied the legs in first (tie the back pair facing rearwards) followed by the Z-lon then deer hair. I also experimented with Angel Hair instead of Z-lon and was very happy with the results.

Thanks for the reply jacksonholeguide- I own a drift boat and that Moran Junction to Deadman's float of the Snake is one of my favorite floats to do in the early Fall.
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