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The Ducky Fly

The Ducky Fly

This is for real, but it started out as much of a gag as any thing I promise you wont stop laughing when you see this thing in the water.

This is the size of a hatchling mallard.

Hook: 3/0 stainless TMC saltwater popper
Body: Spun deer hair
Head: Double layer of 2mm yellow foam and Prismacolor marker
Feet: Black rabbit zonker strips
Tread: Flat waxed nylon

Tying instructions:

Construct a wire weed guard on the hook, or not .

Spin the deer hare on the hook, packing it tightly
then trim the hair to the shape of an egg with a flat bottom.
Prepare the foam head material and cut out the head and neck. Cut the lower part of the neck to a long point. Apply (goop it on) some fabric glue to the bottom of the neck and then push it into the deer hair body and allow it to set.

Turn the fly over in the vise. Cut the rabbit strip about 2 inches long and cut off the hair about 1/2 inch back on the end. You want the tips of the rabbit hair pointing upwards. Apply some fabric glue to the end of the rabbit strip and then push it into the deer hair body with a bodkin or dissecting needle. Complete the other foot. Trim both feet to length.

Use a marker to apply some dark brown stripes to the back and shoulders.

Go take your duck for a swim. You may need to tune the body so it floats upright so take along a pair of scissors.

I fish this with a 10 wt and an SA Head Start floating line and a 10 “ of 20 lb vinyl coated wire bite tippet. Short quick stripping motion will simulate the swimming of a duckling. Repeat this mantra. “Hey mister Musky Im a little ducky and Im sooo lost”. Repeat short quick stripping motion. Hold onto your gear.
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