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Bitter Blank Recipes

I have been making some blanks as well for a trip to Crooked Island in the Bahamas in March.

I purchased some "Dry Pigment" from a craft/art supply store. The color is Mars Orange. It is like a powder. When I mixed it with my epoxy I may have overdone it and got a little too much pigment in the mixture. It goes on like mud, i. e., it is not clear like a lot of pictures you see of these flies. However, the color is right on. It dries to a very nice hard finish but is a solid color. There is no see through to the bead chain eyes.

I might try food color however. A lot of this is simply trial and error.

I read one post one time where someone mixed their epoxy on a sheet of paper where a prisma color pen had been applied to the paper. The epoxy picked up the color for which that poster was well pleased. Might be another way of doing it.

By the way, in what sequence are you tying on the sili legs, Z-lon and deer hair?
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