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roll cast pickups and such

i've been playing with a 3# and some DT line lately and am becoming more and more fascinated with roll casts. i spent a day crouching on my knees in heavy bank cover casting to eager bluegill and that was very fun. in my research, i've read that you can shoot, haul, and basically get an entire fly line out in a roll cast. that seems crazy to me. i think i've only rollcast decently up to about 35 feet or so before the line starts to either not pickup completely, or it just piles. usually the former.

so, how does one shoot on a rollcast, and better, how do you haul? the basic concept is in my head, but that's as far as i've been able to take it. i can do both techniques with ease on a normal cast, but again, i'm curiosed lately with the rollcast.

also, i've been reading about saltwater types using a 'rollcast pickup' to get the fly to sighted fish at a distance with quickness and fewer false casts. what exactly is a rollcast pickup? i can see it being done with the line sitting on the water, but i hear it's done with the fly in the hand in the 'ready' position.

it's such a pretty thing to see a perfect rollcast unfurl right above the water. ahh...

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