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South Cape Cold but Hot

With the cool east wind and drizzle, it took fleece and a jacket to keep the spirits high but the fish were willing. The amount of muck in the water prevented the usual south side sweeps although the birds were working bait just past the muckline about 3 times a Lefty cast from shore.

It was clear that inside estuaries were the ticket to escape wind and find warmer water. Thinking back on last week's clave, we headed into the channel between Stage and Dennis and there were a few rats to be had, but the water was cold on the legs and there seemed to be little going on.

Bill and I then moved into a water, darker, smaller estuary area and ended up with over 15 fish up to 25" with a 7 cast/ 7 fish streak in the middle.

Next morning I met Tom, same drill - started outside and the wind drove us in. Within a few casts I was into a fish with a tail bigger than a grown man's hand, a lot of screaming line and the rod bent to the butt. I got it close enough to see it was large and the tail waved around out of the water between runs. Tom was walking over cause I asked him to take a photo and sure as hell the fish spit the hook with only a few feet past the nail knot. Should have known better than to mention the "p" word!

About two casts later a 27" fish (landed) grabbed the fly and took the line into the backing. Little brown sea lice dancing all over the thing, beautiful condition. I compared the tail sizes on the fish in hand verses the one churning the water prior and figure the first one was a... "k" "kee" - better not say it, don't want to jinx myself. That's even worse than the "p" word. 19 or so fish later we called it a good morning.

Nice to have the season back!
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