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I just wanted to give you a couple tips, Poogs. The thread behind the cone is built up quite a lot. To secure the cone with less thread, make roughly 3-4 turns of lead (the gauge depends on the cone), on the bare shank. Push these "turns" into the cone head, then secure with thread.

If you look at the chartruese bunny strip on the top, you'll notice the bottom of the strip is pointed/curled up. When you tie down a "zonker strip," make sure the skin conforms to the hook shank. In other words, make sure the sides (of the skin on the bottom of the strip) fold over and are tied closer to the side of the shank, rather than curling up.

The last thing is to take weight into consideration. Bunny fur absorbs lots of water, and that combined with a cone-head can make a heavy fly. Other than that, these have all been fine details. I really do like this tie. Keep it up!
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