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Exuma bones

Hi everyone,

I just got back from Exuma on the 18th. Stayed in Peace & Plebty Beach Inn. Accomodations were pretty good, good people at P&P. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go there. My 8 year old nephew, wife and brother in law all caught their first bone on a fly on this trip.
We caught plenty of bones but they were mostly small. If you do go, get a guide the first day, tourism is the number 1 source of income it seems, so support your locals there. We went with Stevie Ferguson and we caught alot of bones with him even though it was windy. Once you've "paid your dues" by hiring a guide strike off some on your own like we did. (we actually tried to go with Stevie 3 days but only ended up hiring him for one day). The airport flat is a great place to fish, alot of bones there and we only say one shark, 7 footer, on that flat. My brother inlaw was standing in waist deep water (in a channel basically) when it appeared from no where, circled him once and disappeared. (pucker factor) He kept fishing....
I recommend that airport flat although you have to fish it on the end of the falling tide a beginning of the rise.
Caught almost all of our bones on light pink small clousers about 1 1/2 inches long.
My wife threw a fly at a 8 - 10 pounder that came up to her "mud" stirred up from walking slowly, must have thought she was a school or a ray. He took a look at the fly and circled once, took another look and slowly moved off up current. Nice fish though.
There are alot of areas to fish on your own but most are a pain to get to. The airport flat is the easiest and best flat.
For food visit Eddies, Palm bay, P&P, Bonefish lodge and Big D's on the north end. Big D's has the best view and good food. Conch salad was great.
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