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Tulchan B

Tulchan B shares Spearnick with C beat if I remmember correctly B has it Mondays Wednesday and Fridays but I might be wrong. It is a lovely pool fished from the right bank, so practice that Spey cast with lefthand up. ( There is a high treelined bank behind you which keeps the sun off the water.) The pool just down from the hut Lodge Stream, fishes well off both banks, though the left bank was hell last time as the wind was downstream force 10 gusting 11 and the double spey loop kept catching the bank(no wading possible) I took a fish off the right bank though.

The next pool up, the Boat is a lovely pool to fish, with the stream just straightening the line nicely. I have only fished breifly 1 session above the island I remember them as nice pools, but having never taken a fish from them they do not make my heart leap as the others do.

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