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Willie Gunn, no need to apologise, I'm the same at that time of a morning especially if I was lucky enough to be going fishing!
Your information (and Gary's) will prove invaluble at the next gathering of the 'fishmonger brigade' here in Northumberland.
The EA are rumoured to be thinking about introducing a similar C&R to the Spey on the English waters in the next few years rather than everything returned before 16th June. I really don't see how they could police it, we don't have keepers, gillies or boatmen on our beats, I suppose it would be similar to the situation at Aberlour? won't happen!!
To be fair the Tyne has quite a healthy spring run now but the problem of C&R till 16th June is that most anglers stay away till then and poachers have a free run on the springers we are trying to conserve.
I also had a bad experience 2 seasons gone in May on the Tyne, a beautiful 15 pounder on the fly, long tail sea lice, quickly landed, unhooked and carefully returned, kicked off strongly and then horrors, belly up being swept downstream. Managed to net the fish out, spent the next 3 hours trying everything to revive only to watch her die, I was devastated, we then had to push her into the stream and watch as she tumbled, flashing in the deep pool. I didn't fish again till the 16th when I could have the choice.
Anyway I personally think the Spey C&R has it right as long as everone adhers.
Thanks for the insight to Tulchan B I'm there for 3 days 31st March 2005, any tips or further insights/links would be much appreciated.
Tight lines
Tyne Speycaster fishing in Chaytors footsteps!!
ps Our Village club water here on the Tyne is the very same beat that is described in 'Letters to a Salmon Fishers Son'
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