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Tyne Speycaster Sorry for my abrupt answer this morning and welcome to the forum, my only excuse is it was predawn and I had a 31/2 drive to get to the Helmsdale. I am not at my best till the sun gets up.

I was speaking to one of the Spey Board scientists just to check that I was correct, he emailed me to say
<<On your query about spring salmon, the evidence for over-cutting of
spring fish redds with autumn fish redds is not there. Spring fish tend
to come from the upper reaches of large catchments of the Spey, and fish
in these upper areas (trout and salmon) spawn earlier (end Oct.).
Summer/Autumn fish come from areas lower down the catchment, and they
spawn later. So the possibility of a later-running, later-spawning fish
over-cutting the redds of an earlier-running, earlier-spawning fish are
remote. Nature will ensure there is some variation and overlap, but it
is the exception and not the rule.

There is plenty of evidence to back up both the relationship between
run-timng and spawning location, and time of spawning against altitude
in east coast Scottish rivers.>>

So in a nut shell the springers are not Kamikazes (or to be harvested).
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