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I have been float tubing for almost 7 years. The hardest obstacle to over-come is falling asleep. If you are used to fly-fishing or spin fishing from a row boat or canoe, you will never go back.

Fan cast. Find the area you would like to fish and fish it hard in a 180 degree area, and then fish that area one more time (deeper, shallower, etc.). Then wake-up from you nap in that water-born Lay-Z-Boy and move to another area.

Wind is easier to deal with than boats. Point your toes and and practice moving your legs to stay stationary. If you are kicking a lot, you are kicking to much.

Don't drink in a float tube because peeing is not fun...unless you have breatable waders...just kidding, the waders don't breath that well...

Always walk backwards to and from your tube. Flippers are not land-friendly. You'll see (hopefully on a warm day).

Pump your tube until hard (do not over pump). The water is cold and the air will contract. Use a double action pump.

If you are fly-fishing, have two spools. I fish a floating and intermediate line (Cortland 444 Clear Camo). Bring split shots to get the line to sink deeper.

Get a net with a long handle if you will be catching large fish.

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