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I second the advice on hard chrome snake guides. The snakes, as it turns out are easier to line up on the rod and are more secure. Go light on the epoxy for the wraps and the u-40 gets my vote here as well. A couple of things on mounting the handle to the blank: 1- make sure it's a fairly snug fit, taper the hole to match the rod blank and dry fit it often as you don't want to remove too much material. 2- when it comes time to glue it together, use the 2hour 2 part epoxy becuse it creates a waterproof seal and gives you plenty of time to work. Fill the entire inside of the handle with epoxy, tape the top of the blank section where the handle will mount and slide the puppy right down the handle. Use a bunch of lint free paper towels to clean up the blank. It works great and no you won't ruin the blank, no chemicals no abrasives just good old paper towels.
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