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I like the thick paste type epoxies for gluing components to the blank because components pretty much stay were you put them and don't move around unless you move them. My favorite is Trondac's U-40 Rod Bond; however, the PC-7 you have would work fine, just don't use it to glue the rod tip guide on the blank. To glue to tip guide on the rod, use Gudebrod or Flex Coat stick ferrule/rod top cement (it is the kind you melt) because if you need to replace the top guide, it will come off with a little heat.

Use unbraced double foot casting guides for strippers in size 12 and 10 (one of each) and then use quality chrome plated or TiCh double foot snake guides in sizes 4,3,2 for the other guides. You will find the double foot snakes easier to wrap on the rod than the single foot ones on your first rod.

Use nylon size A thread in whatever color suites your fancy. Instead of using epoxy rod thread finish on your first rod, I'd recommend using Trondac's U-40 rod finish because it is a single part urethane that holds up very well and is easier to apply than the epoxy types for your first rod. The down side to this wrap finish is you need to put 3 or 4 coats on the thread wraps with about 6 hours between coats minimum. But bubble problems are pretty much non-existant.

There are many quality component dealers, including Rod Builder's Workshop, one of the site sponsors who is in your area.
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