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Rod-builders, I have questions!

I am just starting my first rod. I have purchased my blank, cork (for a fighting butt also) and a reel seat. I have already built the necessary equipment to build with, and have some simple questions. I'm using an eight weight blank, intended for Bass, Pickerel, Pike and even some saltwater species. I currently have several questions, which are as follows. Which paste epoxy is most popular (with heavier/ish rods) for securing the grip and reel seat? I have PC-7 heavy duty paste epoxy, but that looks slightly viscous for what I'm set out to do . The other question pertains to guides. I am not set out to break the bank on my first rod, yet seeing as this will get heavy use (that is, unless it turns out to be some freak club-like stick of a rod...), I would like to outfit it with guides that will last. Also, any references to favorite suppliers would be appreciated! Thanks in advanced.
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