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Originally Posted by Quentin
Hmm . . . 5 or 6 months puts us into May or June. Definitely good bass fishing by then, but if the weather (and your fishing regulations) allow you to fish in March and April you can also catch plenty of bass during those months (BIG ones too ).

Nice looking fly! That should catch bass, pike and pickerel.

You asked for comments/criticism so here's my $0.02:

- I'd stick some eyes onto the thread behind the conehead and apply a thin coat or two of epoxy just over the eyes and thread.

- A weedguard of some type might be a good idea.

- Are the rabbit strips fastened along the length of the shank, or at least tied down at the tail end of the shank? If not, I would do that. (The tail ends of the rabbits strips can be glued together to form a single tail or left separate to make twin tails.)

- Many flies that use rabbit strip tails have a small loop of heavy mono extending off the tail of the fly (under the rabbit strip) to help keep the tail from wrapping around the hook during casting. I'm not sure how much this helps since my bunny flies still get tangled up even when I include the mono loop .

Thanks m8, the eyes, well I was goign to put them right where you suggested, but im not good with expoxy and knowing me, ill ruin this precious baby( to me).

I tied the strips just after the gills, thats all, i wanted more action, and well ebing the beginner I am, I didnt know what to do to be honest.

Funny you mention about glueing it togther , initially i did have it glued. But I took apart.

Im not to sure what you mean about the mono on the tail, and about the weedguard, i havent fished with a weed guard in ages, both Fly fishign and spinning combo. Thanks again for the input, what are some streamerss that bass will annihilate?


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