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There are spots on the Credit, Catt, Saugeen, and a few other places where there are fast chutes that are laterally compressed, which dump out into small pools -- usually 4' to 6' deep, often behind a big boulder or severe dropoff. You can't conventional swing a fly in them -- not enough room and you'd never get it deep enough anyway. The bobber brigade usually wins in these spots, but if we can get vertical with a swung fly, we have a shot.

Think of it as swinging a fly through places that normally only the bobber brigade or bottom bouncers can fish.

To illustrate this point further -- there's a spot on the Grand midway between the island and the shore (about 100 yards total) where bedrock runs laterally at about a 45 degree angle across the river. On the bedrock ridge, you're ankle deep. Step off and you're crotch deep. This forms a channel about 100' long and 30' to 40' wide. Single handers with mono & shot or short tips can fish this stretch effectively nymphing or swinging but a two hander swinging gets handcuffed because the tip is too long and won't get down until you're almost swung out. A quick 'get-down' with a short tip will fish it well.

I've had a couple of 5' extra sooper-dooper sinking saltwater polyleaders in my wallet for a long time -- about time I started dredging them out for this sort of situation.

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