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Surface Fly Swap - Sign Up Sheet

With apologies to Mike (for shamefully lifting his swap rules)… here are the guidelines for the surface fly swap:

1. Poppers, bangers, gurglers, sliders. You name it: if it floats, it’s in. Initially, I was thinking saltwater, but if you’re a sweetwater aficionado feel free to drop in a terrestrial pattern or – if you’re feeling up to it – a spun deerhair mouse… Use this thread to sign up.

2. Mailing deadline is February 28th. No deadline to sign up. (I’ll email/PM you my mailing address once you’ve signed up).

3. Submit 7 flies per person. Include the recipe, your return address, and $3 to cover postage, packing, etc. (If there is any change left over, we can put it into the forum).

4. Drop me an email w/ any questions.

Thanks & happy tying!
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