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Question Riflle Hitch

From which direction does a fish take a riffle hitched Fly? Does he chase after it? And take it from behind? And in doing so, does he then turn in a downstream direction to return to his lie? Or does he attack the fly head on, as most fish would, and then turn in the other direction?

And if a hitched fly swims on it's side, as Art Lee pertains in his book, Tying & Fishing the Riffling Hitch, this would dictate on which side to tie the hitch. Which is really what I am trying to determine here.

We've all heard tales of Salmon & Steelhead chasing a fly. But are they only playing with it? Do they then come at it head on when they finally decide to eat it? So that when they turn, or as the fly is drawn into the corner of their jaw,,,,which jaw????

According to Wood in Greased Line Fishing, the fish facing upstream, simply rises, inhales the fly, and the line pulling the fly towards the anglers bank, puts the fly in the corner of the (nearside) jaw. If the fish turns at all in taking the fly, it is assumed that he turns away from the angler, and in so doing, adds to his own demise.

Art Lee, on the other hand, contends that the fish follows the fly as it swims cross current, and upon taking the fly then turns downstream. Which puts the fly in the opposite jaw. Hense the controversy of which side to hitch the fly.

It should also be noted that Lee Wulff hitched his flies opposite of Art Lee. In fact, Lee brings up that fact in his book. It is left to speculation however, whether Wulff fished his fly in that manner because it was more effective, or more of a challenge.

Of course one could fish double hooks, or simply hitch the fly from below. But that would not answer the question. So lets hear from you. On which jaw is the fish hooked when taking a hitched fly? On which side do you tie the hitch?
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