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Ft.Myers has been my home waters for over 20 years! One of the best flats to fish is the sanibel causeway just before the toll booth as mentioned above. at first light you will find all the regular flats species over the grass. last year i ventured out just before the sun broke the horizon and was standing still trying to see nervous water, a tail, or anything that would warrent a cast when i guess i startled a pod of large tarpon that swam up to with in 5 feet of me before realizing it. they took off like a rocket with water flying all over the place and about 20 min later my heart resumed beating. those flats are great for seatrout, lady fish,jack, snook, tarpon, and redfish. if you want tarpon fish the seawall where it curves under the bridge(deep water there) as you walk to the sea wall from the flats you will see some rocks in the water by the shore line. i've pulled many red fish out of there as well as along that 100yard streatch of sea wall. clousers, decievers, and chuggers(for trout) will work well on the flats. floating line is fine but if there is any floating strands of grass you may want to switch to an intermdiate line to get just under the grass on the surface. also drive down san carlose blvd(south) the 1st bridge you will come to is Big Carlose Pass on the south ocean side end of the bridge there is a small grass flat that is pretty good and walk in to the little back cove you will see (you'll have to wade though the 10' wide opening to the cove to get to the graff flat you'll see it) that cove is shallow and you can walk from shore line to shore line in knee deep water sight casting for red's, snook, black drum......e-mail me for more indepth hot
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