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I was there a year ago , got there by sailboat. When boats get to exuma they have to check in with the local customs people, so after we finished with the legal stuff I asked the customs agent about wading the island for bonefish,,,what a mistake, he literally exploded at me, he was spitting he was so mad,,told me over and over that it is illegal to fish on there land without a guide.. So anyway I did get a guide for a day, like I always do in a new area, had a great time with the guide, caught lots of bones.. Then I went out on my own and had an excellent time.. caught bone after bone up to six lbs.. The flat I concentrated on is between Rolleville, Barreterre and Hog island,,look on a chart and triangulate those three areas and you will see a big bay, at low tide the sand is dry out for at least six hundred yards where it drops off deep, walk out there and just back up and fish as the tide comes in,, great spot,,but as the other guys said you will have sharks coming in with the bones, right at your feet, the sharks follow you as you walk and stir the sand up so I stayed in shin deep water only, it is fairly deep at high tide so keep that in mind.. I tried to rent a boat to go to that side of the island,,no way would they do it. good luck.Just dont broadcast it that your DIY.
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