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Some thoughts about C&R and C&K :


First, I must confess I keep salmon on occasions and release on others. I always try not to see it as a religion but rather analyze the problem as a whole.

What is the impact of releasing a fish if as an individual, I subscribe to a political party or elect politicians who will vote laws dammageable to the environment and subsidize lumber companies who practice clearcutting resulting in erosion, siltation and destruction of the salmon habitat etc.

It may not be easy to acknowledge but we all live in a universe of predation; salmon has to deal with mergansers, otters, man etc. and we, as human must do with the mega-corporations of this world I guess.

The practice of C&R is a very noble cause and has to be promoted, it's a fact that a released fish will probably spawn and will contribute to the continuity of our sport. All the regions who have seen their fish population diminish to the point where it was almost critical have developped C&R practices.

To be a 100% honest in practicing C&R, it's my firm belief that one would have to use CS2003 Hooks (touch & go) created by John Betts and commercialized by Partridge of Redditch, these hooks have an eye at both extremities and allow the fish to free himself without having to suffer Ó ten minutes fight with all the inconvenients of it (for the fish).

Man is a creature of ambigu´ty, while we're fighting a fish and having the best time of our life, we forget or erase of our mind, the fact that the poor creature is not having as much fun as we have on the bank, in reality, the fish is stressed to the point where comes a time he has to surrender, accept his own death, and finally, comply to his torturer.

Am I a better man because I return the fish to his home waters ? Probably not, am I a better sportman ? Maybe, but who can judge ?

If I decide to keep the salmon, there is one thing you can be certain, deep inside, I will not feel so happy, but this dead fish I will eat every ounce I can, I'll open a good bottle of wine and in good company, will celebrate the fight he gave me. One of the reason I kill fish on occasion is because it's a wild creature and you just can't buy wild creatures at the grocery. Farmed salmon are almost lethal when you consider all the antibiotics and other medicinal substances they have to ingurgitate before they arrive on your table.

I will not elaborate on the way Quebec administer its salmon ressource but IMHO, Quebec laws are too permissive in allowing to kill 7 salmon. However, we have to keep in mind that only a low percentage of fishermen will capture the allowed limit ( 2%) if I refer to a FQSA poll. The work in progress at the "table saumon" will probably lower the actual limit and it will be a very positive move.

Sometimes, you will see me with blood on my hands on the river bank, do not panic, it won't be human blood. I just hope you will not consider me as an extraterrestrial but only a human being with all the ambiguities and contradictions it implies.
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