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There has been increased empshasis on C&R on many of the Gaspe rivers over the past couple of years and I believe that it is much easier to make headway now than a few years ago.

The zec Gaspe took proactive measures 2 years ago which increased the C&R seasons on 2 of its rivers and substantially reduced the numbers of salmon being killed since then.

Similarly, the Grande River, which was C&R in 2004 by government mandate had the possibility of being opened in 2005 for killing big salmon. Positive discussions by myself and one other individual convinced that zec to VOLUNTARILY be C&R for 2005.

Further, I hear that there will be a new proposal with widespread appeal and support to alter the tag system in Quebec from what it is now.

It takes time and I, for one, have learned the importance of patience and diplomacy!

In the meantime, it is important to educate people 1 at a time about the enjoyment of fishing for future generations (it is in our hands) as well as the economic value of a salmon which is released back to the river.

Last year I commited that we would not permit clients to kill large salmon and non were killed in 122 of fishing. I know that Dave and Glen feel exactly as I do. I would encourage all outfitters and guides to adopt the same committment to the resource.

Bill Greiner
Malbaie River Outfitters

Bill Greiner
Malbaie River Outfitters
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