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I'm originally from BC, so C&R was "in my blood" from the start. Once i moved to Quebec, boy ... what an eye opener.

In the #18 zone where I fish for brook trout, the limit is 20 per day. Further, the interpretation of the law as to daily versus possession limits were not clear. Lots of anglers were taking 20 trout per day for EVERY day fished. On a long weekend, that means a group of 4 were taking home nearly 240 trout.

C&R of adult salmon has been obligatory on the a few salmon rivers in the Saguenay for 2 years now. The 205 regs just came out (preliminary) and we're still C&R for the Ste-Marguerite. I assume that the other 3 rivers in the region will be too. For sea run brookies, we put in daily limts of 5 with only one over 15 inches.

Even some of the wardens held that C&R was lethal at all times. Recently, we caught spawners (sea run brook trout) on barbless hooks, stored them in PVC tubes, transfered them to holding pens, then transplanted them to another irver in the region (Ste-Marg to Mars Rv). As far as we could tell, NO mortality.

Gave the "doubters" some food for thought.
Christopher Chin
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