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Wooo ! goes.

I don't spey cast. Overhead & roll . I use and prefer rods in the 9' - 9 1/2' range for swinging longer for/if nymphing. I like med. fast to fast. Currently using all Scotts for Steelhead S3 9 1/2' 7 wt, SAS same, SAS 9 1/2' 6 wt.

Reel's.........they just hold the line. Disc drag for Steelhead. Second, I look at the cost of spools. Curently S.A. Mastery's (Hardy) & S.A. L.A. 2's..........and lots of spools.

Lines - All S.A. Mastery Foaters GPX's, Steelhead Tapers, XXD's ? (i thinks that's what it's called), sink tip type 3 & 5, streamer express 200 & 350 grains. My "shortest belly" would be the GPX which is standard for a WF-F. I prefer them GPX for smaller streams & if looping on tips. The long belly's (steelhead & xxd) are excell at both distance overhead & roll casts...........but I don't like them if using loop on tips.

Multu tips............hate them........gave them away. I prefer to make my own but, I don't like loops in general and have went back to the factory one pc. denc. comp. lines which cast & fish great. I use home made loop on's for small streams, on the limeted swing pools

Leaders - I build 4 1/2 footers for sink tips. 7 1/2' footers for small streams , 9' - 10' for large. If I was nymphing they would be 12' with a indicator.

Other Method - With soft hackles.........slow & deep on a floater, I just watch the flyline for light takes. Why ? works.

Type Fishing - Swing, or plunk streamers around boulders on small streams. I rarely nymph any more even for Trout. The "indy nymphing wave" came.............I did it (back before most) pounds fish.............I got bored, and went back to the old way.............more fun, feel the take, better casting,etc.

Have a good day
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