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Unfortunately, I usually don't hear of these until after the court has ruled and the newpapers report on the outcome. I do know the federal courts have been changing water law and fish protection with ruling like this. And I'm sure the big reason we don't hear about them until after the ruling has happened is the groups like the CA and OR Granges that brought this suit on behalf of farmers, orchardist, and vinters don't want it out to the public until after the court rules.

I predict that since Hogan has now ruled twice against protection of wild fish, that there will be more suits filed in his court because the probability of him ruling against fish or environmental protection again is rather high. And since the 9th Circuit has already affirmed his first ruling on the coastal coho case, I see no way the 9th circuit will not also affirm this one if it is appealed because they will site the first case as justification in case law to back it.

Because of this, I honestly don't know how much the OR governor can do; but I do know the man has guts and feistyness based on his recent speech about the feds and federal courts.
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