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Hello Rick

I mostly fish big water, so I use the 2-hander 95% of the time. A few times out of the year I fish the "smaller" tribs, then I use a 9' 8wt and a 7 1/2' 5 wt. (trout) I fish both with a matching DT floater. I also use a 300 grain integrated head with the 8wt. I fish both rods on the swing and nymphing with the indy. I cast single and double spey, snake roll and switch.

I find that a fuller flexing rod, in general, works best with the nymphing/shot/indy rigs. The outbound loops are purposefully larger for less fouling.

I have tried the 10 1/2' switch rods. These are pretty cool. If I fished the smaller rivers more often, I would get one of these. But I don't, so my funds will go to bigger things.

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