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RE:First report of keeper bass received!

Those are the two locations I would recommend based on the recent report and my 27 years (holy cow I'm getting old!) of tinkering in the area.

Greg -

Since you are boat enabled, there is a 20 foot deep channel along the rockpile island looking south off West Dennis Beach running along the shoal that should hold fish (right Greg D?).

Also, working the ripline on the ebb from the mouth of Herring River is a formula for success - I'd suggest using a 325 0r 425 444 QD line and a large realistic herring pattern in the edge seam from the mouth jetty out, and then repeating. Keep a 45 degree downcurrent angle and use the shock and stop retrieve to keep the fly deep in the water column.

The biggest thing is to fish where the big bass are chasing the spring herring around, which could be anywhere. My experience on large open beaches is that they pop-up and down along the length of the beach and it's best to cut them off on their patterns. When chasing herring and pogies they tend to run in long sweeping lines parallel to the beach, 9 of 10 times out of the shore guys reach!

My contacts in the commercial side will keep us in tune with the arrival of squid in the area, which brings the next wave of anxious fish into the area. This most years includes the big fat Father's day bluefish.

Look for a new format for this kind of information in the near future.
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