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my six cents [pun intended]

'i see dead ppl' if u need help.......

6 flies in no particluar order:

1) hare jig/barry's pike fly or anything with a rabbit strip tail and some weight on the front to be fished slow with sinking line in colder weather
colors: if i had to pick one color it would be black with some estaz or sparkle near the head

2) a deciever: size 1/0 or or a baby bass color (top to bottom--peacock herl, olive bucktail, black bucktail, pearl flash. white bucktail) are my favs

3) bendback same colors as decievers but its just WEEDLESS(sidebar being that this is the most effective fly i have EVER fished for dodging nasties w/o losing hookup)

4) clouser or 1/2 &1/2 version having hackle tips for added length any color pretty much works black, chart & wht, red & wht, grey & wht, pink & pink

5) DEER HAIR bass bug-- something with a white belly. I dont care too much about the part out of the water

6) the ubiquitous wooly bugger. I like to tie them with about 2x the length of marabou as the more traditional trout versions. Black, chart, redbody black hackle marabou, pink/bubblegum
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