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I used to single hand spey with two rods, a T&T Steelhead 9'6" 7 wt. and a Scott ARC 10' 7 wt. I used a Teeny 200 and an SA Nymph 7 wt. on the T&T and a Rio S/AS 7 wt. line on the Scott. The T&T was mostly used for swinging flies and stripping streamers. I'd pull the colour change of the Teeny up to the tiptop and let her rip. Worked pretty well actually.

The Scott with the Rio S/AS was a more tractable combination that I used both drifting nymphs under a bobber and for swinging flies. I didn't like the combination that much when I stuck Polyleaders on it so usually I stayed with mono and shot, even when swinging flies.

Both rods were used for chinook as well as steelhead (IIRC, my Avatar shows me with a Saugeen chinook caught with the T&T when swinging wets.)

The T&t was a bit faster, less tippy rod than the Scott but both worked pretty well with spey casts so I can't say that I prefered one over the other. I used only singles and doubles. I found that the 7 wt. WF lines worked OK provided I had a decent amount of the head beyond the guides. Up close, they weren't that good. The Teeny was a pleasant surprise and it loaded the T&T up quite well.

Both these rods have now been sold and I use my Loop Blue 7116 in their place. It's a superior spey and overhead rod, but only marginally heavier and the length is an advantage.

I also do a lot of spey work with my full suit of trout rods, but that's another story.

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