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Nick Pionessa OOFS
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Funny you should ask, i have been doing this all season on the smaller tribs. one in particular for the last 2 of 3 days. charlie d and i have even joked about a new casting style complete with rods and line by the top manufacturers in the country. my preferences are for a standard long belly steelhead line and my old winston 10' 7wt LT. swinging tubes and weighted flies seems to be the best for the small water where you need to get down quickly and the tips are too dark and spook fish. i also have used a sage 9' 7 wt xi2 and a 9' 6" 7wt sage xp. both worked well and have a fast action and of course felt just like a fast two hander. the old winston feel like a traditional spey, slow but with a very comfortable stroke.for leaders i like the rio sinking leader in the intermidiate 1.5 ips clear leaders in 7 ft length with about 3' of 1x fluorocarbon. the same leader i use on the two hander but shorter. all the casts are very do able, with the double spey being particulary easy. i have also found it helps to get the motions down for new casts (i have been working on the snake roll). the big problem i have found especialy on the snap t is that the rod is 4' shorter and that tube comes over pretty hard and pretty close in front of you! by all means swinging speys and streamers.

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