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Single Hand Spey Casting


It's 20 question time: Thought it might be fun to see how many fish single hand spey on the great lake trib's and the different methods we use.

How many of you fish single hand rods and use spey type casts ?
What length rod do you use, and if given the choice what length would you like ?
What action would you or do you like and why ?

Reels: ?

Do you use a short belly line and why ?
Do you use a long belly line and why ?
Do you use a multi tip line ?
Do you use a custom (home made type) line ?

Terminal End:
Leader length and why ?
Do you use lead or sink tips and why ?
If you use lead, do you use a dropper system or put the lead on the leader and why?
Do you use a float/indicator ?
If you use another method (as an indicator) what and why ?

I use mostly yarn ?
I use mostly nymphs ?
I use mostly spey type flies ?

Type of fishing
Swinging flies ?
Nymphing techniques ?

Thanks for your time in advance.
Rick Whorwood
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